A walnut plank with maple bow ties, leans against a White wall

Rustic Builder

For the longest time, I called myself a "Rustic Builder." By nature, I really still am. But, with the help of our great employees in the shop, I continue to hone my craft day by day. 

But what does rustic builder mean to me, and how does it often come into discussion when talking about a commissioned build?

There's something really special about working with real wood. Not MDF, particleboard, or plastic substitutes. Wood, that's either rough sawn or milled to perfection. These pieces are each special in their own way, and hold character that I've always felt needs to be accentuated. With that in-mind -- this is where the main rustic builder trait is born. 

Rather than fill in every void, or worry about knots, a rustic builder leaves these areas alone. If a piece has a portion of "live-edge" remaining on it, a rustic builder would find a way to highlight it. A rustic builder doesn't prefer glossy finishes, and a piece of wood where the grain can no longer be felt through it's finish. A rustic builder doesn't mind the natural attributes the wood gives them -- It's often beautiful just the way it is. 

As aforementioned, we can get a feel for what a client desires when working through a consultation, and we will alter our design and build techniques to match their desires. And I've found that it's often more refined expectations, that we easily meet. 

But given the opportunity, to build something for one of our retail stores or for fun -- the Rustic Builder returns. 



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