Two men work in a woodshop assembling a bed swing base from Pine lumber

American Made on America's Independence Weekend

I'm like the majority of most average American citizens -- I used to cherish this Fourth Holiday weekend for all the essentials... Warm weather, outdoor activities, food on a grill, and some fireworks. I can remember being stoked, between the ages of eight to fourteen, to go to any local Walmart parking lot, and grab the biggest combo box of ground display fireworks. 

I still enjoy those things -- no offense, not really going to Walmart. 

But my love for the Fourth holiday has really evolved. Some of it is adulthood. Like other holiday's, our values around them change. But, it's also more poignantly changed because of what I do, and the circle that my family keeps. 

I come from a family of small business. My dad owns a small business. My wife's dad owns a small business. My friends own small businesses. My wife and I, own small businesses. It's something I'm pretty proud of, and I feel like I'm consistently surrounded by it. And once a year, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, it becomes a catchy/flashy trend that people awake to. What many don't realize, is that it's really more than that....

Let me first say -- My family, again like most average citizen's, shop from big box stores and have an Amazon truck dropping packages at the door. I'm for those businesses succeeding, and there's certainly a place for them. I do also know that their items are made outside of our country's borders, dependent on what they are. I think there's a place for that too. But, this year of 2022, where we currently sit this Fourth of July weekend -- Owning a small business, and crafting our pieces here in America, is a true badge of honor that's hitting somewhere extra special. 

We have a supply chain (mainly wood, paints, stains, etc.) above us too... But it's a lot shorter. We love that all business creates jobs and a source of income for people all over... But we love that we're supporting someone's career that lives just down the street. We know that a purchase from a company goes to support someone... But if you ask me who your purchase from Black Dog supports, I only have a list of names that would fit on one of my hands.

This is no political rant or stance. I personally steer as far away from politics as I can get. It's just a moment of reflection. 

How cool is it, that people you personally live near, know, or face to face interact with, have the abilities and talents to make something you can purchase or provide a service for?!?!

That's something I admire. That I'm proud of, in the USA.



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